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BBQ with Tony Gimellaro of The Beard and the Barbecue

BBQ with Tony Gimellaro of The Beard and the Barbecue


2/61 Benison Rd, Winnellie, NT 0820, Australia


Saturday 1 June 2019 10am-1pm
Sunday 2 June 2019 10am-3pm

About BBQ with Tony Gimellaro of The Beard and the Barbecue

BBQ Basics will be held 10am - 1pm on Saturday 1 June 2019.

BBQ Masterclass will be held 10am - 3pm on Sunday 2 June 2019.

Book both and save!

BBQ Basics with Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ

Learn the skills and gain the confidence to start charcoal cooking with consistently great result as well as introduce Low n Slow BBQ Smoking into your repertoire.

Taught by an experienced pit master and the 2018 Grand Champions in the Australasian Barbecue Competition circuit.

What to expect over 3 hours:

- Walk through and talk of BBQ Smokers

- Learn about BBQ fuel

- Basic BBQ info including fuel setups and managing temperature 

- Service trim, seasoning and consumption of Smoked BBQ Brisket

- (Tony’s favourite) Pulled lamb

- Reverse seared steaks

A hell of alot of food for you to taste, all while trying to digest some of the best info going around on how to cook it yourself.

BBQ Masterclass with Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ

Join us at Barbecue HQ for a full day BBQ Masterclass from an award-winning pit master! 

We are bringing in one of the best in the biz to Darwin, Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ. A Sydney based team who recently took out the number 1 spot in  the Australian Barbecue Competition for 2018.

Over the 5 hours you’ll learn how to: 

- light and run charcoal and wood pits effectively and efficiently

- different fuel types and fuel set ups

- Flavour profiles + our go to rubs and sauce combos

- Walk through of brisket trimming, slicing and eating!

- How to do Pulled Pork 

- Reverse Sear Steak method 

- Plus chicken and lamb cooks

Everything we cook you eat! This is practical class using a variety of live pits so you can get up close and personal.

Walk away with a full belly and some excellent knowledge to up your own BBQ game. 

This class sold out quickly last time so don’t hesitate, buy tix now.

Ticketing Notes

- Seats are strictly limited so don’t wait, buy your tix now!  

- Note: Price is all up, with no additional ticketing fee.

EVENT LOCATION: 2/61 Benison Rd
Winnellie, NT 0820, Australia
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