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Bulwalwanga Ran Festival

Bulwalwanga Ran Festival


107 Croobyar Rd, Milton, NSW 2538, Australia


Saturday 14 January 2017 at 8:30am until Tuesday, 17 January, 2017 at 7pm

About Bulwalwanga Ran Festival

Bulwalwanga Ran (‘We are strong, you all” in Dhurga language) is a four-day festival celebrating wisdom traditions, both indigenous to Australia and from other parts of the world that honour Mother Nature. It will take place on land that Noel Butler and his family have been the custodians of for thousands of years.

Our intention is to share and learn from different traditions that honour and support Mother Earth. It will be an event that acknowledges our common humanity and gives people from different backgrounds and cultures an opportunity to learn from each other and about each other, something that did NOT take place when Europeans and Aboriginal people first encountered each other almost 230 years ago.

Bulwalwanga Ran will feature talks from over twenty people considered to be experts in their respective fields of practice.

The first two days of the festival (14th and 15th of January) will be comprised of talks from a range of speakers. The next two days of the festival (16th and 17th of January) will feature a number of two hour workshops where participants can have a deeper experience of the previous talks, venture into the field and experience Aboriginal craft activities such as boomerang making.

What your ticket prices includes:
- Morning yoga class
- All daily talks and workshops
- Evening Aboriginal dance and live music performances.
- Most Kid’s Tent activities

Your ticket price does not include:
- Vegetarian meals, chai, bottled water and coffee, which will be offered at reasonable prices by specially organised caterers.

For information on the program, click here and for information on the speakers and talks, click here

Ticketing Notes
¹ Concessional pricing applies to Pensioners, Seiors and Full Time Students 18yrs+. Please show your valid concession card upon entry.

- Children under 18yrs are free and do not require a ticket.

EVENT LOCATION: 107 Croobyar Rd
Milton, NSW 2538, Australia
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