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Trivia & Auction Night 2018

Trivia & Auction Night 2018


Springwood Road State School Hall, 94-120 Springwood Road, Springwood, QLD 4127, Australia


Friday 12 October 2018 at 5:30pm until 10:30pm

About Trivia & Auction Night 2018

Join us for the night of nights on the social calendar. Our evening will be a very special night raising much need funds to help build a better future for Samuel. The evening will start off with trivia mixed with auctions with some spectacular prizes. No trivia experience necessary!

November 2015 - Transverse Myelitis:
- Rare neurological condition where his immune system suddenly attacked his spinal cord
- Caused paralysis to motor control throughout his body sparing only his right foot;
- Paralysed his epiglottis, diaphragm and capacity to swallow;
- This rendered him fully reliant on a ventilator to breathe for him (through a tracheostomy tube in his throat)
- His airway is unable to stop secretions pouring in to his lungs leaving him vulnerable to chest infections and pneumonia
- He requires feeding through a "PEG" line directly through his abdominal wall in to his stomach
- He was a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in-patient (continuous admission) for 480 days
- His intellectual capacity and sharp sense of humour were thankfully not affected

Sixteen months after discharge:
- He needs to use foot controls to drive his power chair • He needs an "eye gaze" system to input text and interact on computers
- He needs voice amplification support
- He needs opportunities beyond computers and gaming devices to stimulate his mind and to occupy his free time
- He needs modifications made to all devices so he can have any control over the environment around him
- He needs 24/7 personal support to maintain ventilation and for every other conceivable need to simply live
- He also needs to be freely able to independently move about his home to have his own safe spaces for a degree of privacy
- He needs immeasurable community support to be able to thrive, to maximise his intellectual abilities and to really enjoy life.

What's been done:
- Purchased wheelchair modified vehicle
- Completed major internal modifications to the house to accommodate Samuel's needs and equipment
- Purchased major equipment to support Samuel's therapy needs
- Purchased numerous access controls, devices and consumables required for daily living
- Continued to maximise normality of life - daily school attendance, weekend activities and family outings including Boccia training

This year, our focus is on developing a wheelchair accessible outdoor area at the back of Samuel’s house so he can broaden his hobbies and pursuits. This could include a terrarium for frogs, small turtles, lizards and the like. It will also add to the limited space he has just to move around the house or to just have some time by himself.

 Campaign for Samuel Incorporated: Building a Better Future

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Event Notes:Food and drinks available to purchase (no alcohol is permitted and a non-smoking policy exists in and around this venue.)

EVENT LOCATION: Springwood Road State School Hall, 94-120 Springwood Road
Springwood, QLD 4127, Australia
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