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Celine Kang - Concert Pianist

Celine Kang - Concert Pianist


North Ryde Community Hall, 201 Cox's Rd, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia


Wednesday 16 October 2019
8.00pm - 10.00pm

About Celine Kang - Concert Pianist

Celine Kang is recently back from being invited to perform overseas and we are privileged to have her play for us. Join us for an exciting musical concert. Music composed by Beethoven, Brahms, Carl Vine, Chopin, Hisaishi, Liszt, Yiruma and more.It will be a night of beautiful music played by this talented musician.

Artist Biography

Celine began her musical journey approximately 9 months before hitting the age of 0 because of her musician mother, who would teach music to her students from day 1, to the D-day of the birth of Celine. All things could have gone fine (like how you would have expected) but, unfortunately, even after birth, her mother was still teaching OTHER students only. Everyday, Celine would face the back of her mother and the student and waited patiently for her chance to be the student.

But the chance never came.

So, Celine’s patience dried up and she started to plan a revenge. (Please note: Celine was still 6 at that time and all these memories were noted by her Dad.) She officially began to aurally and visually train herself by watching her mother’s lessons. Then the day came. According to her mother, Celine memorized the piano books of Ferdinand Beyer and the studies of Czerny and played it with the book upside down (as she couldn’t read the notes-she only could play by ear).

From then on, she was introduced to the violin, the flute, the oboe, classical singing and the one and only, the piano. Since her favourite was the piano (because at that time, she believed; the bigger, the better), she continued her musical journey with Professor Gerard Willems at age 10 and even furthered her journey with Dr Bernadette Harvey at 16 until present.

Who knew that little 6-year-old girl would end up revenging her mother by being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall (3 times), The Sydney Opera House, Musikvereien Vienna, BOZAR Brussels, the Glass House, the Polish Consulate, the Danube Palace and lastly the best venue; North Ryde School of Arts Community Centre? [Quick side note: Celine does not physically live in Ryde but she believes her musical soul does. Ryde Eisteddfod was her first piano competition, and this community centre was where it was held. That is why this location is so significant!]

Celine attended MLC School with a full music scholarship and passed the Associate Diploma and the Licentiate Diploma at age 13 and 14 both with high distinction. According to her modest self, she achieved ‘countless’ winning places in Ryde Eisteddfod, Sydney Eisteddfod, Australian National Eisteddfod, St. George Eisteddfod, Penrith Eisteddfod and the Wollongong Eisteddfod. Internationally, she achieved 1st in the Golden Classical Music Award International Competition, 1st in International Vienna Virtuoso Music Competition, Best performance of heritage composition and overall 4th prize in the New York Piano Competition and Festival and 1st place in International Brussels Competition.
Celine’s passion for music (all genres) will never expire and her goal is to carry out her studies in university so that she will be able to use her learnt knowledge and wisdom and share it to others. That being said, Celine has made into various prestigious music universities around the world such as the Royal College of Music, however, Celine has chosen to study at the University of New South Wales with an advanced entry scheme to study Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with the UNSW Music Scholarship as well as the Richard and Isolda Munz Music Award Scholarship and most importantly to learn more from her teacher, Dr Bernadette Harvey. She dreams of being an inspirational figure that will support music and music education in Australia.

Furthermore, Celine wishes that her performances and teachings will take her audience and students into an emotional journey and help create a positive footpath in their life.


Celine Kang (19)  Sonata Op 2 No 3 in C Major Beethoven

The Rising Stars Oboe Trio “You Raise Me Up” Rolf Loveland Jin Choi (12), Olivia Ahn (11) & Gloria Kim (11)

Celine Kang(19) Classics Collection Medley Yiruma

Andrew Kim (19) Clarinet  Sonata No 1 in F minor Brahms

Celine Kang (19) Piano duo (1st Mov)

Celine Kang (19) Danza Argentina’s No. 1 & 2 Ginastera

Sally Kim (19) flute Studio Ghibli Collection. Hisaishi

Celine Kang (19) piano duo

Celine Kang (19) Andante Spianato Et Grande Polonaise Brillante op.22 Chopin

Organiser Notes:

No credit card facilities at the Hall on the night of the performance.

There is no reserved seating.

Light refreshments will be provided at interval.

*Plus Booking Fee

Brought to you by:Ryde Eastwood District Music Club

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Event Notes:

Seating is General Admission - please ensure your group arrives together if you are wishing to sit together.

Light refreshments will be provided at interval.

EVENT LOCATION: North Ryde Community Hall, 201 Cox's Rd
North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia
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