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Украшения Пасхальных Куличей! Kulich Decorating Workshop 2019!

Украшения Пасхальных Куличей! Kulich Decorating Workshop 2019!


St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, 344 Vulture St, Kangaroo Point, QLD 4169, Australia


Sunday 21 April 2019 at 11am - 3pm

About Украшения Пасхальных Куличей! Kulich Decorating Workshop 2019!

We invite you to join us in the 2nd Annual Kulich Decorating Workshop at St. Nicholas Cathedral on Palm Sunday 21 April 2019 after Liturgy (approx. 11am)!

The Kulich Decorating Workshop is a family friendly workshop surrounding the Russian Orthodox Traditions of Kulich decorating for our upcoming Orthodox Easter. 100% of the proceeds will go improvement of the parish children's playground.

Watch your children, Godchildren and grandchildren decorate their own kulich and see their proud beaming faces when they watch their own kulich being blessed on Pascha.

Space is strictly limited, so, please be sure to quickly register your child or grandchild for their Kulich Decorating Kit before Sunday, 7 April 2019.

The workshop will begin in the church hall after Liturgy on 21 April 2018 at approximately 11am. Be mindful, we will not begin the workshop until Liturgy is finished. The Sisterhood will be selling a hot Lenten lunch before the workshop begins.


Regular Kulich Kit - Includes 1 x Kulich, glaze, decorations, and take-away box for convenient transportation home.

Gluten Free Kulich Kit - Includes 1 x Gluten Free Kulich, glaze, decorations, and a take-away bag for convenient transportation home.

Sponsoring a Child with a Kulich Kit – if you are interested in sponsoring a child unable to afford a Kulich Decorating Kit, or if you’re unable to attend, but still would like a child to decorate a kulich. The kit will include one Regular Kulich, glaze, decorations and a take-away bag for convenient transportation home. 

Allergy Advice:

Please be advised the Kulichi are not suitable for milk allergy sufferers and may contain traces of nuts. Our Regular Kulichi contain: wheat flour, yeast, eggs, dairy, raisins, citrus, nutmeg, and cardamom. The glaze contains egg. At this time we cannot substitute these ingredients. However, we have a Gluten Free Kulich Kit option available.

What is a Kulich and what does it represent?

A Kulich is sweet bread, baked with yeast, egg, butter and flour. It may also contain raisins, candied or dried fruit, citrus zest, and some spices including nutmeg and cardamom. It is baked in a tall vertical cylinder shape with various sized diameters. The vast amount of dairy and sweet ingredients represent the breaking of 40 days Great Lent.

The top of each kulich is called a “Crown." It is decorated with powdered sugar glaze, “glazur”, which drips down the sides of the kulich. The dripped spikes created, are reminiscent of Christ's crown of thorns.

Traditionally, “XB” is written on top of the kulich with various decorations. XB stands for "Христос Воскресе” which is what Russian Orthodox use as an Easter Greeting, translating to “Christ is Risen!” The appropriate response to this greeting is "Воистину Воскресе"  or “Truly He is Risen!”

Kulich is traditionally eaten during the 40 days of Easter. Traditionally, the decorated Kulich is placed together with Cheese Pascha, decorated eggs and other non-fasting items in a basket, which is taken to your local church on Holy Pascha (Easter Sunday at midnight), before or after the service to be blessed by the parish priest.


What ages do you suggest for this workshop?

We suggest minimum age of 3. We suggest children between 3 to 6 are to be supervised by a parent, grandparent or guardian. Otherwise, all ages welcome! Last year we had a couple of adults decorating!

What does the Kulich Kit include?

Each kit includes, 1 kulich, glaze, sprinkles and other edible decorations, and a take away bag for transportation.

What does it mean to Sponsor a Child with a kit?

‘Sponsoring a child with a kit’ means you may anonymously donate a kit to a child unable to afford a Kulich Decorating Kit. Since registration is mandatory, sponsorship allows these children to participate in decorating their own kulich at the Workshop.

May I purchase a Kulich Kit as a gift?

Absolutely, you may purchase a Kulich Kit as a gift. Please, include the child’s name, with the permission of their parents in the registration process. Be mindful, we recommend the ages 3 to 6 to be supervised by a parent, grandparent or guardian during the decorating process. We are happy to print and post the Gift Kulich Kit to whomever locally you want as a Gift Certificate/Easter Gift. What a lovely idea!

Where do the proceeds of this fundraiser go?

100% of the proceeds will go towards the effort in repair of the parish's children's playground.

What is the schedule of services for Holy Week, and when can I bring my kulich to church to be blessed?

To see the full schedule of upcoming Church Services please visit our Cathedral’s website:

Расписание Богослужений Страстной Седмицы и Пасха 2019:

*Plus Booking Fee

EVENT LOCATION: St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, 344 Vulture St
Kangaroo Point, QLD 4169, Australia
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