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Merlinda Bobis & Future D. Fidel

Merlinda Bobis & Future D. Fidel


Marquee, Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs, NT 0870, Australia


Saturday 18 May 2019 at 9am - 10am

About Merlinda Bobis & Future D. Fidel

A political fable about a girl’s magical journey through a desolate landscape; a refugee dealing with the terrors of his past. Join award-winning writer Merlinda Bobis and acclaimed Congolese-Australian playwright Future D. Fidel, in conversation with Eleanor Hogan, about stories of war, profound loss and what it takes to survive.

Locust Girl – Merlinda Bobis 
In Locust Girl, a novella, most everything has dried up: water, the womb, even the love among lovers. Nine-year old Amedea is buried underground and sleeps to survive. Ten years later, she wakes with a locust embedded in her brow, that sings her through the border. Locust Girl grew out of a concern for the people and nature in both the author’s countries, Australia and the Philippines.

Prize Fighter – Future D. Fidel 
Prize Fighter is the powerful debut novel from the acclaimed play of the same name. It tells of Isa, a Congolese refugee getting by in the Australian suburbs, with a background that seems unimaginable in his new country – a childhood as a boy soldier. Now, Isa’s a brilliant boxer, but his most difficult opponent isn’t in the ring – it’s the ghosts of his past.

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EVENT LOCATION: Marquee, Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Alice Springs, NT 0870, Australia
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