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Outdoor Mushroom Growing Masterclass

Outdoor Mushroom Growing Masterclass


Geo Eco Farm, 106 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Silvan, VIC 3795, Australia


Saturday 19 October 2019 9.30am - 5.00pm

About Outdoor Mushroom Growing Masterclass

Join Burn City Mycology and The Perma Pixie for our outdoor mushroom growing masterclass!

In this one day hands-on workshop you will learn:
-The principles of growing mushrooms outdoors.
-The processes of preparing spawn and substrate for a King Stropharia outdoor mushroom bed installation.
- How to install a King Stropharia mushroom bed.
- How to maintain your outdoor mushroom bed.
- The processes of preparing spawn and logs for log inoculation.
- How to inoculate logs with sawdust spawn.
- How to maintain and fruit your mushroom logs.

All students will take home:
• 1 bag of King Stropharia sawdust spawn (for your own outdoor King Stropharia bed).
• 1 bag sawdust spawn of either Reishi, Turkey Tail or Shiitake (for your own log inoculations at home)
• 1 ready to fruit mushroom grow bag for instant satisfaction.
• Pocket guide to outdoor mushroom growing.

Tea and coffee will be provided. All workshop participants are asked to bring one dish to share as a potluck lunch (vegeterian/vegan friendly please).

Ticket cost is inclusive of booking fee.

EVENT LOCATION: Geo Eco Farm, 106 Monbulk-Seville Rd
Silvan, VIC 3795, Australia
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