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The Village (Substance) 1 incl. My 60th Birthday Party

The Village (Substance) 1 incl. My 60th Birthday Party


3103 Nerang Murwillumbah Road, Natural Bridge, QLD 4211, Australia


Friday 30 November 2018 at 10am until 3pm Monday 3 December 2018

About The Village (Substance) 1 incl. My 60th Birthday Party

It's my 60th Birthday Party!

Coinciding perfectly with The Village (Substance) 1

This time The Village steps into "substance" on our journey into FORM. What is the substance of this gathering together we have been doing for the past three years? And being substance 1, it asks what is the FOCUS of that substance. Confused? Then come and all will be made clear!

And its my 60th Birthday Party on Saturday night! 6pm to sometime Sunday. So if you have been invited, it means I'd really love it if you could make it as I officially become an "old bloke".

Camping down by the magickal spring fed creek, community kitchen, hot tub on Friday night and maybe Saturday too, fabulous swimming grotto, trips to the glow worm cave, magnificent scenery, fabulous people!

I'm hoping all my world's can collide, from Family to radio days friends, partners in crime, old friends, new friends - people I love!

Everyone please bring and share your own unique contribution including workshops, music, dance, crafts, skills, massage, cooking, artistic skills, circus skills, kids fun, knowledge sharing and so much more. Bring it all - share it all! Just as The Village always is - a contribution/ubuntu model.

Saturday night 60th Birthday Party - it's a cosplay, masquerade, dress up shindig. 6pm to sometime Sunday.

Become the fantasy creature from myths and legends and stories of yore on a vaguely Celtic theme (it's the Welsh celt in me calling this in). Wizard, witch, elf or pixie, wood sprite, green man, orc or dragon, King or Queen, troll or trickster, knight or damsel, leprechaun or Gwyllgi, gancanaghs, hobbits, dwarfs, silkies and banshees all welcome.

Please follow these simple guidelines for the whole thing....

1. Always be considerate of others

2. Absolutely NO PETS at all

3. Responsible and considerate use of intoxicating stuff

4. Observe 10km per hour speed limit on the land at all times

5. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE gathering - take ALL waste and rubbish with you

6. Entry to the land is based on a Peace Treaty with all, everything and everyone present including current caretakers of the land, other guests and me. You are fully self responsible and accept this or do not enter the property.

7. Do not use any soaps, shampoo, lotions, sun creams, insect repellents anywhere near the creek (it's pristine rain and spring water and also top of the water catchment for the Gold Coast)

8. Vehicles parked on the creek flat will be NO DRIVE from Friday at 8pm till Sunday 5pm (there will be plenty of car parking up top) with the exception of marked SERVICE VEHICLES (child safety and fume limitation)

9. YOU MUST PRE-PURCHASE A TICKET and a bracelet will be issued on arrival. (Under 18 free but a bracelet for them too)

*plus booking fee

EVENT LOCATION: 3103 Nerang Murwillumbah Road
Natural Bridge, QLD 4211, Australia
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