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Drum Healing Circle

Drum Healing Circle


8 Melrose Avee, Clare, SA 5453, Australia


Monday 1 March 2021
7pm - 9pm

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Drum Healing *
AUD $30.00

About Drum Healing Circle

Duration: 2 hours

Parking:  Feel free to park in the drive way or the street.  If you are on a bike, please bring the bike into the back area. Please come through the wooden door next to the roller door which leads into the back yard

What to bring:
• Bottle of water
• Drum if you would like to use your own drum
• Cushion or bolster.  We will be sitting on mats on the floor, if you require something more substantial or higher to sit on, please bring a cushion or yoga bolster.
COVID: A COVID plan is in place
• if you are feeling unwell at all then it is requested that you cancel your place.  Please notify me before the event for a full refund
• Social distancing and hand washing is mandatory.  The circle will be pre set with the required distance.  Hand sanitizer will be available.
• You will be required to sign in

Handling of drums: As the drums are made out of natural products and require care when handling.  Each participant will be supplied with a fresh clean towel and asked to wash their hands with clean water prior to handling the drums.  This is required even if you use hand sanitizer.
Creation of a safe space:  Having a safe space to heal is imperative, the following boundaries will be in place for the session:
• Be Present: Be present for both yourself and the others that have joined us.  Listen and be respectful.  All communication devises need to be off or in flight mode.
• Be on time: Please respect every one’s time and arrive on time.  I will close the door at exactly 7.01pm
• Respect the privacy of others: What happens at a drumming healing circle stays at a drumming healing circle
• Listen and provide an ear only: We are not counselors, please keep all advice out of the session.
• Talking stick in use: Talk when you have the talking stick, listen when you do not have the talking stick.

Structure of the session: We will start by creating the space and setting our intentions for the session.  There will be three rounds of drumming allowing for reflection between each where you are free to talk about each round and your experience.  At all times it is imperative that you say only what you feel comfortable to says.  If this means you say nothing at all then this is more than OK.  At the end of the session we will re open the space.
A little about me I have been practicing Shamanic healing for over 5 years now and following a nature based spiritual path for well over 20 years.  I was introduced to the drum by a Shamanic Healer with over 30 year’s experience who studied with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  While there are many methods of healing I find the drum suits my own energy more than any other.  Allowing for a combination of being present in your own body and the freedom to travel both internally and external within the other realms.  The drum carries you safely within its rhythm that is unique to every journey.
Kind Regards Carmel

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Brought to you by:Carmel Vandermolen

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Event Notes:Please respect every one’s time and arrive on time. The door will close at exactly 7.01pm.

EVENT LOCATION: 8 Melrose Avee
Clare, SA 5453, Australia
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