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The Smithergreens

The Smithergreens


Metro Bakery and Café, 13 Commercial Road East, Mount Gambier, SA 5290, Australia


Thursday 18 March 2021
Dinner from 6:30pm
Show at at 8:30pm

About The Smithergreens

Johnnie and Janine Smithergreen (Stuart Day & Dianne Reid) are a middle-aged brother-sister singing act (not so) fresh from the sixties and seventies. They revisit a selection of groovy girl-boy duets that outdo the Osmonds, crush the Carpenters and reconcile Sonny and Cher. Delivered with their own unique mix of wholesome positivity and ageing hippy sarcasm, they will blow your idea of political correctness to Smithergreens!

EVENT LOCATION: Metro Bakery and Café, 13 Commercial Road East
Mount Gambier, SA 5290, Australia
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