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Carman’s Kitchen HQ, 11 Hume Street, Huntingdale, VIC 3166, Australia


Friday 29 March 2019 at 9am - 2pm


As the year progresses, we may find ourselves detouring away from the commitments we made to ourselves at the beginning of the year. We spend our time and energy busy at work, busy running a family, busy with social gatherings and busy being busy. Yet we often forget to stop, check in with ourselves and ask ourselves ‘how are you feeling?’

When we give our time, energy, attention and resources to everyone else, how do we ‘fill our cup’ and give ourselves the time, energy and resources we need to function on a daily basis?

The good news is, we are here to help! Our goal is to help you Reconnect, Reenergise & Refocus on you. Focusing on your health intentions whilst allowing you to live a bigger, brighter and more connected life.

Reconnect, Reenergise & Refocus has been specifically designed for corporates and business owners who are sick of living the daily grind of feeling tired, fatigued, drained and overwhelmed with a never ending to do list. The workshop is designed for those that want to live a life reconnected with themselves and their loved ones, reenergised to do the things they love to do in their life and refocused on the ‘how’ to achieve these goals.

Whether you are a start-up, a season business owner, a corporate employee or someone who feels a little in between, reassessing the first quarter of the year surrounded by likeminded individuals will be the boost you need to have an incredible 2019.

What to expect
To help you reconnect with yourself and to immerse yourself ready for an in-depth day we kick off the morning getting your body gently moving and stretching. Allowing you to Reconnect with your body and open your mind to the possibilities of living your best life in your best state of health.
We will fuel you with a nourishing morning smoothie before listening to Dr Lisa Gadd present her workshop Health on Purpose.

Moments of truth so often come to us when faced with a crisis, yet when it comes to our health that moment of truth can often come far too late. Why is it that we disconnect from our bodies, ignore the warning signs and don’t place importance on our vehicle for life? A vehicle that acts as a portal for our passions, purpose and the quality time we share with our family and friends. The concept is simple, yet the significance deeply profound. It is through the body that we live, and without a healthy body, there is no life to live.

Health on Purpose is a philosophy that zones in on the transitions to optimum health, identifying myths about health, the roadblocks to change, and empowering you with the tools to create mental, emotional and physical transformations simply by choosing to be purposeful about our health.

As the world continues to ramp up in speed, our sense of self is blurred in digitisation, downloads and constant distractions. Never before has there been a more important time to be present in the body, persistent in making the right decisions and on purpose about the gift of life that is our health.

Following this presentation, you will workshop each of 6 the core pillars of health, getting clear on your pillars of health and the steps required to help you Reenergise and regain control of your health.

With clear health intentions front of mind, it’s time to put some plans in place to get organised and to weave in balance between your health and business goals.

Caroline Guillemain-Brunne is the person to get you thinking all things planning.

What resonates for you when you hear the words Life in Control? Does it seem like an unattainable fairy-tale, or an unnecessary restriction on your freedom and creativity? Control means different things to different people, the key to Life in Control is working through your current position on the spectrum and where you would like to be to reach your optimal position in life.

Reviewing all aspects of your life that require planning and control Caroline will break down the components of successful time management and goal setting and will assist you in establishing a workable plan to Refocus on the health and business goals that are most important to you.

Within the workshop component of Life in Control you will develop a timeline with milestones in the categories of health, business and life and will conclude the session with tools to keep you on track.

Research shows that you are more likely to stick to a plan or goal if you have an accountability buddy. You will walk away from this day with a new accountability buddy to help keep you on track to achieving your goals. PLUS, you will also receive complimentary follow up call from either Lisa or Caroline two weeks post the workshop to help keep you on track and answer any questions you may have once you return back to your day to day schedule.

During the day you will be nourished with tea and barista coffee, Carman’s goodies and a healthy lunch prepared by the Carman’s in-house chef.  

The Day will officially conclude at 2pm, though Lisa and Caroline welcome you to continue your day at Carman’s for co-working. Lisa and Caroline will remain in the co-working space until 5pm.  

Who are Lisa & Caroline?

Dr. Lisa Gadd has always been fiercely passionate about health, however It wasn't until suffering a stroke in 2014 that she was able to appreciate the implications of what it is to lose bodily function, to deal with the emotional loss of poor health, or to understand the resilience required to rebuild the mind, body, and spirit post trauma. In this period Lisa harnessed courage and a firm commitment to reframe her belief systems to ensure she was able to come back stronger than ever, and in doing so developed a new level of empathy for the clients she was working with as a health practitioner and coach.

Today Dr. Lisa Gadd is an esteemed business leader and the founder of Living Health Group. She is an osteopath, fitness professional, and a nationally recognised coach and trainer within the health and fitness industry. In business, she takes great pride in nurturing the culture of her team and supporting her staff to execute her vision of caring and compassionate healthcare focussing on holistic health solutions that treat all aspects of well-being.

Caroline Guillemain-Brunne, Founder of Organise.Curate.Design. Has over fourteen years experience in the events industry, having managed a range of major internationally recognised events and exhibitions throughout Australia. 

She is known for her ability to meet her client’s expectations whilst managing a large deployment of staff and working closely with key stakeholders.

Using these skills Caroline launched Organise.Curate.Design. in July 2017 to assist clients find work life balance in and gain control of their to do list whilst focusing on their self-care. Caroline does this by managing their life admin and coaching them as their Life Assistant.

We look forward to working with you to help you Reconnect, Reenergise & Refocus for an incredible 2019.

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EVENT LOCATION: Carman’s Kitchen HQ, 11 Hume Street
Huntingdale, VIC 3166, Australia
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