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Leading Peacefully Through Challenge

Leading Peacefully Through Challenge


Safety Beach Sailing Club, 185 Marine Dr, Safety Beach, VIC 3936, Australia


Thursday 21 November 2019
9:30am & 1:30pm

About Leading Peacefully Through Challenge

Make 21st November a day to stop, reflect and learn new ways of dealing with life’s challenges

 Morning Workshop 9.30am-12.30pm:

 From Mindfull to Mindful!

 A three hour fun, interactive workshop aimed at developing tools and strategies to live a more meaningful life in the present moment.  It is particularly useful for:

- Business leaders and owners dealing with the challenges, busyness and stress of today’s world

- Leaders who want to develop their ‘psychological flexibility’, and live more by their values and strengths

- Anyone who wants to learn more effective ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

You will walk away from the workshop with:

- Tips, tools and strategies to respond more effectively to life’s challenges

- Practical knowledge on how to use your values and strengths to realise your legacy

- An understanding of why being kind and self-accepting is important to ‘success’

- Keys to noticing, understanding and dealing with stress, anger and anxiety

- An Action Plan based on your values and what’s important to you.

Afternoon Workshop 1.30pm-4.30pm

 Resolving Conflict – Gaining a peace of mind!

 A three-hour practical workshop on Conflict for anyone who wants to get better at understanding and resolving conflict.  It is particularly useful for:

- Those finding workplace conflict time-consuming, frustrating and costly to resolve

- People wanting to build their own skill in resolving conflict

- Workplaces where workload pressures and stress (can) lead to misunderstandings, interpersonal conflict and potentially disrespectful behaviour

- HR and Well-Being professionals wanting a practical tool for understanding and resolving workplace conflict.

 You will walk away from the workshop with a greater understanding of:

- Your own conflict style and how it impacts on your personal and professional life

- What pushes your buttons and why

- Choices you have when faced with conflict situations

- What you want to happen and don’t want to happen when ‘resolving’ conflict

- Building safe and respectful workplaces

- How to have and practice having a constructive conversation.

EVENT LOCATION: Safety Beach Sailing Club, 185 Marine Dr
Safety Beach, VIC 3936, Australia View Larger Map
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