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The Marksmanship Seminar - Moree

The Marksmanship Seminar - Moree


Pally Pub, 59 Bingara St, Pallamallawa, NSW 2399, Australia


Saturday 10 April 2021
10:30am - 12:30pm

About The Marksmanship Seminar - Moree

The Marksmanship Seminar is a comprehensive talk which covers the basics in rifle shooting theory. From rifle selection and setup to data collection and fall-of-shot influences. This seminar is designed for those new to shooting or who want to improve their understanding of the basics. It should be viewed as a solid foundation from which to branch into your chosen discipline.

The seminar will be delivered by Alex Howard who spent years as a sniper instructor. From 2012 – 2015 Alex was a Sniper Supervisor posted to the School of Infantry. As Course Manager to many sniper courses, he not only revelled in teaching but also honed his skills at organising and managing training packages. Now as a civilian, he can take you through the rifle shooting component of that training.

Rifle Marksmanship Seminar covers a broad range of topics, each one explained and demonstrated. Following is a general list:
- Equipment. Barrel, stock, scopes, ammunition, accessories, etc
- Rifle setup: Adjustability, sighting, etc
- Fundamentals: Positions, hold, aim, etc
- Zeroing: Purpose, methods, grouping, data collection, etc
- Basic atmospherics. Wind, gravity, drag, etc
- General Ballistics: Cartridge dynamics, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, etc
- Individual skill. Recoil management, technique, etc.

Open to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of rifle shooting but recommended for beginners to intermediate shooters.  

Military snipers go through a comprehensive shooting package as part of their sniper qualification courses. There is much live fire but before heading to the range all students are taught the theory of shooting.

For most civilian shooters it is hard to get similar training on firearms due to location, costs, or both. Instead the accessible forms of education are usually friends, YouTube or magazines which are often contradictive and confusing.

The biggest cost in any firearm course is the travel, time, and range facilities. By removing these requirements and just providing theory the costs to you can be kept low whilst education levels stay high. Seminars allow you an easy and affordable way to still get good training.

EVENT LOCATION: Pally Pub, 59 Bingara St
Pallamallawa, NSW 2399, Australia
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