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Toast to the Coast 2019


Toast to the Coast 2019 Bus Registration Form

For Saturday 2nd November Winery Bookings


It is event policy that all vehicles carrying 10 or more people must be registered and booked in for a specific time to visit each winery. This includes all private charter buses/minibuses (e.g. buses with a professional bus driver, self-driven buses or minibuses, buses organised by a tour operator).

The process to book a group into the various wineries is as follows:

1      Purchase Your General Entry Tickets (these will sell out once again so dont delay)

2      Register your private bus (please provide organisers contact details, bus company details, copy of your licence). We will review your registration and on approval provide you your unique bus registration number, which you should display on your bus and quote when scheduling your winery visits.

3      When you are ready to finalise your buses Winery itineary, you should call Wine Geelong on 03 4206 6124 to book in your route.

Registration and winery bookings must be made before the event. Wineries will not accept buses without a booking.

For any questions on private bus bookings, please email winegeelong@gmail.com


Private Bus Code Of Conduct

  • It is understood that you agree to abide by then when you participate in the festival. Please review the following guidelines and ensure all members of your group are aware of the event organiser’s code of conduct expectations.

    - Drinking, and carrying of opened, alcohol on all buses is prohibited. Patrons must not consume alcohol on any bus; this includes all private charter buses/minibuses (e.g. with a professional bus driver, self-drive, or with a tour operator).

    - The bus group organiser and bus driver are expected to ensure the group is not drinking alcohol on the bus. In the case that it is discovered alcohol is being consumed on the bus – event organisers will follow up with the group organiser and Bus.

    - An event representative will greet all buses at wineries to check your arrival time matches your booking. Event representatives also have the right to inspect the bus and refuse entry of any patron found to be carrying or drinking alcohol on the bus.

    - All private buses must arrive at a given winery within 15mins of your scheduled itinerary booking. Failure to attend within this time frame may result in a refusal of entry for your group. You will then have to wait until your next scheduled timeslot at the next winery on your itinerary. 

Bus Booking Type

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