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THE STORY: The king has died! The law demands that TROJA the queen has to be sacrificed to the gods. She begs her daughter INKA to accept the rules. As soon as SYRA the oracle has performed her ritual, ATUSA the beautiful intervenes and brings TROJA back to life. The people are frightened. They fear that the gods will rage, so the women bring TROJA down to the river to wash and anoint her body. Then they celebrate.

But an accident happens and TROJA cannot be saved this time. The people mourn their queen, even ARTUSA, the king's sister and ZORA, the second queen are shaken. Their tears flood the land and destroy everything familiar. The kingdom awakens out of the dark into a new time, in which desire and jealousy determine everyday life. TROJA lives on as a symbol, as an icon of a bygone era. More years pass. Finally people have learned to enjoy life again. Everyone is invited to join a grand wedding. Will TROJA’s wish come true and her people finally unite in love?

Known for their confronting and brutally honest explorations, Existence Theatre's newest work presents a poetic narrative that depicts archetypal characters, who meet in a fabulous story about power, trust, grief, jealousy, surrender and love.

Nine performers process and embody a range of feelings evoked by performing rituals together and how such rituals tend to connect people in profound ways. ‘Z6QCQ6 Code of Rituals’ has been written, directed and produced by Existence Theatre. It is a timely reflection on recent events and how the pandemic has interfered with people’s lives. However, these changes also activated people’s motivation to initiate new forms of bonding. The artists respond to that by delivering a hopeful outlook for human existence, emphasising the positive impact that self-actualisation can have to achieve connectedness with others in unpredictable times.

Ticket includes vegan curry & bread, served as part of the performance.

Z6QCQ6 Code of Rituals runs from

Wednesday 22 September to Saturday 25 September.

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