Ticketebo's Trees for Change Ticketing Program

Trees For Change: Ticketing that helps the environment

Go green: send your tickets via SMS and help the planet - one tree at a time!
By 2028 we will have planted more than 500,000 trees.

Mangrove restoration in Kenya

Ticketebo’s Trees For Change Program is simple: go green and choose to have your tickets sent by SMS (so no need to print your tickets anymore!) - and as a thank you, we will plant a tree for you.

It’s one small, easy way to give back to the planet, and tackle Climate Change together.


Ticketebo’s Trees for Change Program

Ticketebo's Trees for Change Environmental Program

From 2024 Ticketebo is excited to be partnering with veritree to deliver our Trees for Change Program.
[Prior to 2024, our tree planting partner was Ecologi - and who planted over 135,000 trees for the program.]

Ticketebo’s Trees For Change program is an optional add-on for Patrons and Event Organisers, which gifts the planting of trees as we sell tickets to events.


Trees for Change - for Patrons:

By paying an extra $1.10 to have your tickets sent via SMS - you will be helping the planet by cutting out the environmental impact of paper, ink and other waste derived from printing your tickets. And as a thank you for making this green choice, we will plant a tree for you in our Trees for Change forest! It’s that simple! We will send you a personalised link to your tree so you can see where your tree is planted, and all the latest news about the reforestation project you have supported.

The program achieves two key environmental benefits:

1. Tickets sent via SMS reduce Print and Paper waste: by choosing to have your tickets sent via SMS to your smartphone you won’t need to waste any paper or ink by printing your tickets at home anymore. The fact they arrive instantly (no more junk mail gremlins!) and look very snazzy on your smartphone, is just an added bonus!
[UPDATE: in 2023, our paperless ticket option removed the printing of 185,171 tickets.]

2. By going green, Ticketebo will amplify your enviro-friendly decision by planting a tree for you in the Trees For Change forest!

A win win! No more printing at home - and have a tree planted in your honour as a thank you!

But if all the above is not for you, we totally respect that decision. Having your tickets sent via SMS is totally optional, and always will be. It’s your choice.


Trees for Change - for Event Organisers:

With Ticketebo’s Trees For Change Organiser Program a single ticket order sent via SMS can result in 3 trees planted!

In addition to our SMS program for patrons, Ticketebo actively encourages our Event Organisers to join in on the fun too. In addition to any sign up Tree Planting Incentives which Ticketebo may run over time, our standard Organiser Program asks our Organisers to match the amount of trees which their patrons committed to (when choosing the paperless ticket option). And when the organiser matches the Tree Commitment: Ticketebo will match* that additional tree pledge as well! In doing so every SMS sent by patrons can result in 3 trees being planted!
(*conditions apply)

As an Organiser we understand this may not rock your boat, or you may have other fundraising goals which drive you, so just as the Patron Program is fully optional - similarly the Organiser Trees For Change program is optional too.

Trees for Change reforestation projects

Trees for Change FAQs:

Why did Ticketebo choose a program which plants Trees to help the environment?
It’s common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse.

Why are you partnering with veritree to plant trees?
Transparency, clear ownership, ensuring additionality and permanence (i.e. long-term survival), and an inclusive approach are the key criteria we look for when we invest in restoration projects. This is why we have partnered with veritree.

veritree uses blockchain technology to provide planting organizations with an integrated platform to support ground-level data collection, site planning, inventory (tree) management, and impact monitoring, bringing transparency, traceability and legitimacy to nature-based solutions.

To ensure clear ownership and additionality, each tree planted through the veritree platform has its own unique QR code to ensure it is new, and unique.

veritree is designed to be inclusive of local communities, closely involving them in on-the-ground monitoring, reporting and verification processes to safeguard the projects while creating jobs and incentives to ensure long-term success of the restoration efforts.

This partnership gives us confidence that the impacts of our efforts are real, measured and verified, this gives us confidence in sharing our verified impacts to our stakeholders.

How do I know if I have had a tree planted for me as promised?
The process of Ticketebo honouring our pledge to plant a tree for you is almost entirely automated. Every month we pre-purchase thousands of trees through Veritree into reforestation project/s we have chosen. Every tree order is furnished with a unique identifier, so at the same time that we digitally tell our SMS provider to issue your ticket via SMS, we allocate you a tree from those we have pre-purchased.

On your ticket we include a personalised weblink with info about your tree: what type of tree it is, where it’s planted, and all about the reforestation project and local community it is supporting.
Here is a live example of the info you will see about your tree: https://www.ticketebo.com.au/treesforchange/show/mytree?provider=veritree&i=659b3e06cf0947.09156847

Why are we investing in restoration efforts?
Nature is our greatest ally when it comes to fighting climate change. Restoring nature through investing in nature-based solutions can create real and substantial benefits for all: people, nature and the planet. Restore solutions involve changing the current pattern of land use, for instance, reforesting and restoring currently degraded or abandoned land, or land currently used for agriculture. This entails converting land back to its natural ecosystem. Climate mitigation can be achieved through the net removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the trees/plants and through biosequestration in soils and vegetative biomass.

According to research, nature-based solutions are a cost-effective means to deliver up to one third of the emissions reduction needed by 2030 - investment in nature today is key to transitioning to net zero by 2050. Taking into account that a typical restoration project can take from several months from inception to start of sequestration and continue to operate and reach a plateau in sequestration at forest maturity.

That being said, not all nature-based solution projects are of equal value. A good project, when done well, can create long-lasting transformative change. In contrast, a bad project can do more harm than good.


About Ticketebo

Ticketebo is a full service Ticketing business operating in Australia and the UK. Our solutions help event organisers sell tickets to their events online and in person at their events.

Ticketebo cares deeply about the environment and the impact of climate change on the planet. We are a climate aware business. All the ticketing services we deliver to patrons and organisers events today are Carbon Negative (meaning we offset more carbon than our whole business and tickets we sell produce). And we are not stopping there: our business will achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2030 (or sooner).

For more info on Ticketebo Carbon Negative status and other environmental initiatives: Click Here.


About veritree

veritree is a restoration platform for companies and planting partners looking to make, measure and communicate nature-positive impact.
veritree technology provides a platform that enables other businesses - and their consumer customers - to move towards a restorative business model where companies do “more good” rather than just “less harm.” It provides end-to-end transparency and consumer engagement for restoration efforts.

Unlike other verification efforts, veritree technology sits in both the planting organizations to validate, monitor and analyze ground-level efforts for activities such as tree planting, and also upstream in the consumer community, where business customers can follow planting organizations’ efforts and see concrete tokenized results of their purchasing habits.

With a goal to plant over 1 billion verified trees by 2030, veritree leverages the power of technology to drive greater transparency and enhances credibility of nature-based solutions.


About Ecologi

Ecologi is a market leader in funding climate solutions worldwide and positive climate action. Since 2019 Ecologi has planted over 75 Million Trees and they fund only the best gold standard projects. Ecologi's mission is to help mitigate 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040, with the ultimate aim of playing our part in reversing climate change.

For more information about Ecologi, their forestry and carbon reduction programs, their transparency and credentials - visit the Ecologi website at https://ecologi.com/about


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If you would like further information about Ticketebo’s Trees for Change Program or our other environmental policies and programs, please get in touch with us on 1800 381 939 or email us today on service@ticketebo.com.au