Event Lead Management App for Expos, Conferences and Trade Shows

Expo Event Lead Management App

Ticketebo Expo Leads Manager App

Ticketebo’s Event Lead Management App makes managing leads at Expos, Conferences and Trade Shows pain free, quick and easy for exhibitors.

Empowering Sales Teams at Expos, Conferences and Trade Shows
Whether you are working inside an event with 100 or 100,000 attendees, Ticketebo's Event Leads Manager App for iOS enables Expo sales teams to optimally manage leads of attendees who visit them during the event.

"Can’t thank you enough for this app, it’s fantastic!
See you at the next Expo!"

Priscilla Giannarelli, Director - Giannarelli International

One quick scan of the patron’s barcode and the exhibitor receives the patron’s contact details; is able to rate each lead from hot to cold; and record notes about each lead.

And once the dust has settled at the event, your exhibitors can use the Export Leads function in the app to have all their leads and notes gathered during the event emailed instantly to them.

In short Ticketebo's Event Leads Manager App provides the technology to help make Exhibitors more efficient so they can meet more people during the event, and also achieve better results when following up customers after the event.

Delivering for Organisers of Exhibitions, Conferences and Trade Shows
For Event Organisers the Event Leads Manager system delivers you valuable insights as to how many leads are created at your event (in total, as well as by exhibitor) - which is so valuable when reselling and upselling booth space for subsequent shows, and putting together your sales collateral and commercial packages.

How much does it cost?
Ticketebo offers a sliding pricing scale based on the number of Exhibitors at your event. These costs start from $990 (Inc) per event, and include full app training for your exhibitors. Please contact our Account Management team for a quote for your event.

From there we see organisers either:
a) on charging the App to exhibitors who opt in to utilse it (and thereby creating an extra revenue stream for the event) OR
b) building the cost of the app into their overall pricing models and then delivering the app to all Exhibitors as a value add to their event.
We'd be happy to discuss which approach may work best for your event.

For more information about the Ticketebo Event Leads Manager App, and how to include this functionality to your next event, please feel free get in touch with us on 1800 381 939 or via our Contact Us page