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Passionate about events & online event ticketing systems

Like you, we get a buzz out of helping communities come together at events, to have fun, celebrate talent, raise money for important causes, and enjoy each other's company.

Outdoor Concerts

Pain free event ticketing system for online ticket sales and event registrations...

Now with the introduction of Ticketebo, the days of standing in line to buy tickets for any event are truly numbered!

Ticketebo delivers simple yet stunning event ticketing and registration solutions for event organisers and event goers, to ensure that the critical process of purchasing a ticket or registering to attend an event is quick and easy. 

We ensure that the ticketing process enhances the Organiser’s brand, rather than detracts from it. So often a beautifully crafted event website will send the customer to a ticketing website which has the marketing manager up in arms, and the customer disappointed (or worse, wondering if the online ticketing process is genuine!).


We understand your needs...

Ticketebo understands event organisers, and the real need to keep costs to a fact we get that so much we made our event ticketing system completely free for organisers. For more info on fees, please visit our pricing page.


We love events & we love eCommerce...

We are passionate about events, as well as today’s ever evolving digital economy. Our highly experienced executive & management team sit at the forefront of the digital economy and the ticketing industry in Australia, and continue to deliver creative and market leading technology and ticketing solutions to the events sector.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us or register your event today, and let us show you how Ticketebo's event ticketing system can deliver you pain free ticketing and event registrations online.