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Looking for e-ticket software  for your next event? Then Ticketebo’s leading event booking software and online ticketing solutions will have your event ticketing needs covered.

Ticketebo specialise in assisting event organisers across the Festivals, Expos and Community Events space professionally ticket their events. We provide e-ticket solutions for events right across the spectrum in Australia, from small community events to some of the largest Festivals and Expos in the country. Major Venues where we ticket events include: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Showgrounds, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne Park Centre, Moonee Valley Racing Club, Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre, Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre, Adelaide Showgrounds, Viking Park Stadium, AIS Arena, Knights Stadium, Darwin Amphitheatre, even the home of our Prime Minister, Kirribilli House, on many occasions!


So why do event organisers choose Ticketebo as their e-ticketing partner?


Our pricing – we charge a simple, low 4% booking fee.

For tickets purchased online, our model is a simple 4%* per transaction booking fee charged to the consumer. To give you an example, for a patron buying two $15 tickets, being a total order of $30, they will pay a booking fee of just $1.20. There are no other costs. All costs associated to online payment gateways, credit card fees etc are covered by Ticketebo. [* for ticket transactions which total less than $30, a minimum booking fee of $1.20 per transaction applies]

If you'd rather include the booking fee into the price of your e-tickets (i.e show no booking fee in the checkout process) then we are happy to incorporate our booking fee into the ticketed price (and deduct our fee from your ticket revenues). For more about pricing please visit our pricing page.


Your choice of web address

Like you, we want it to be easy for everyone to remember the web address of your ticketing event page. So we let you decide the web address of your event page: for example you might choose: ticketebo.com.au/youreventname. You would then promote this address on your websites and other promotional assets.


Stunning ticketing event pages

As you will see from the below live events, when you use our ticketing software, your event page (which we put together for you for free) as well as ticket designs - look fantastic, ensuring a positive customer brand experience as customers migrate from your website (and/or other promotional material) through to your ticketing page on Ticketebo (where they purchase their tickets).

Our event pages are also built using the very latest responsive design techniques - ensuring that your pages look great whatever screen type & size your customers are looking at it on (incl. Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop etc)

(Click on the images below to view two live event pages on Ticketebo today)

Jimeoin - The Craic! tickets   One Tropical Day | The Rock Show 


Barcoded e-ticketing with a full entry scanning technology included for free

Ticketebo Door Scan Manager App on iTunes Ticketebo Door Scan Manager App on Google Play Store

All our tickets carry a unique barcode, to stop fraudulent multi use of the same purchased ticket (eg via multiple printing of the same ticket). Event entry can then be managed utilising our free iPhone/ipad/android Scan in/out application. Alternatively we can provide you a manual list of ticket holders which you can manually use to check off your customers at entry.

Winemakers of Rutherglen Ticket Sample    Winton SuperSprint V8 SuperCars


Ticketing to support the planet

Our Business, and all the ticketing services we deliver to patrons and organisers, has been Carbon Neutral since 2020. Ticketebo is now Carbon Negative, and our business will achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2030 (if not sooner). And through our Trees For Change program, we are proud to positively improve the planet, by funding the planting of trees across various hand picked reforestation projects around the world. Learn More about Ticketebo's policies and programs which actively support the environment.


Promotional tools for free

We have also integrated the very latest social media tools into our ticketing software and event pages so you and your customers can spread the word about your event - which is of course critical to event success in today's prevalent social media savvy world.


Ultra safe & secure online payments

Our payment processes and procedures are certified and fully encrypted by Norton/Verisign. For added security Patrons' card details are never stored by us, and our payments are processed through eWay and SecurePay (a division of Australia Post) and the Commonwealth Bank to deliver full PCIDSS compliance.


Australian owned and operated

We are proudly Australian, and passionate about supporting events and services which bring communities closer together. We hope you feel the same way in choosing a locally owned ticketing supplier.

How do I get started?

Using Ticketebo ticketing system is quick and easy, and we can usually have you selling tickets the same day.

1. Register your details
Register the details of your event here, where you will also choose your preferred web address for your event (eg ticketebo.com.au/yourname).  

2. Build your event page
Choose from the professional designed templates to customise your event. Or have us help build the event page for you.

3. Promote your event
Let the world know your event’s web address and watch the sales revenues start to roll in   

More questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organisers, or chat to us live using the live online chat function on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Alternatively drop us a line at sales@ticketebo.com.au or call us on 1800 381 939.

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