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Customer Service

Customer Service

Here at Ticketebo we love to give quick and efficient service to everyone - our Organisers and their Customers.

Please find the best contact details for your enquiry type below.

Event Attendees/Customers:

If you have a query about the event we recommend you contact the event organiser first – you can find their details on the Ticketebo event page (in the right hand column under Contact Organiser). By clicking on this link, an email will be sent directly to the Event Organiser.   In addition, if you have a question you may find the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here to read our Event Attendee FAQs. Alternatively please contact us via the details below:

Tel:  1800 381 939
General Queries:  service@ticketebo.com.au
Refunds:  refunds@ticketebo.com.au
Replacement/Lost Tickets:  service@ticketebo.com.au
Tax Invoices:  support@ticketebo.com.au

Event Organisers:

Before contacting us you may find the answer to your question on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here to read our Event Organiser FAQs.
If not, please feel free to contact us via the details below:

New Events:
Client Services Director: Oliver Hinton
Tel:  +61 400 567 633
Email:  sales@ticketebo.com.au

Existing Events:
Tel:  1800 381 939
Service:  support@ticketebo.com.au
Payments:  billing@ticketebo.com.au
Sales Reports:  service@ticketebo.com.au