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Fulcrum Aid : Leveraging Love Fundraising Event

Fulcrum Aid : Leveraging Love Fundraising Event


Carclew House, 11 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006, Australia


Sunday 14 February 2016 at 2:00pm until 5:00pm

About Fulcrum Aid : Leveraging Love Fundraising Event

Fulcrum Aid is a newly established Australian voluntary, non-profit, relief and development organisation committed to resourcing local leaders within communities experiencing poverty and extreme inequality.

Fulcrum Aid is ‘Leveraging Love’ with an official launch event through an afternoon of storytelling. Come and experience this opportunity to hear the stories of people who are effected from poverty and those that have been relieved from poverty through the generous support of others. These stories are chilling and so vital for all to hear.

Come to be immersed in these stories while enjoying food, wine and entertainment in the peaceful garden surrounds of Carclew House and ballroom.

What does "Fulcrum" mean?

A fulcrum is the object that a lever pivots on. It enables a small force to move a large weight. The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes wrote “Give me a long enough lever, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

A fulcrum provides a tipping point to restore balance – and that is the goal of Fulcrum Aid.

Current Projects:

Learn more about our current projects by visiting our online community page at http://fulcrumaid.com.au.

Fulcrum Aid does not deduct any administration fees from project donations. Fulcrum Aid is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who ensure every cent donated to a project is delivered to that project.

¹ Donations do not include entry to the event. If you wish to attend the event you need to also purchase a General Admission ticket.

^plus booking fee

EVENT LOCATION: Carclew House, 11 Jeffcott Street
North Adelaide, SA 5006, Australia View Larger Map
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