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Biodynamics & Beyond | JULY 2022

Biodynamics & Beyond | JULY 2022


252 Mudlo Road, Kilkivan, QLD 4600, Australia


Saturday 9 July 2022 - Sunday 10 July 2022

About Biodynamics & Beyond | JULY 2022

Biodynamics & Beyond workshops merge the principles of Biodynamics, Syntropics & Natural Sequence Farming to improve health & financial viability for landholders from the suburbs to the stations.

We have 4 immersive workshops each year, with seasonal focus, and practical experience
- Making & burying biodynamic preparations
- Digging & applying biodynamic preparations
- Syntropic agroforestry row creation
- Management of syntropic rows
- Identifying water movement
- Moon cycles

Shane shares how to have a working landscape with increasing health, creating resilience with biodiversity, maximising soil hydration with vegetation while minimising mechanical earthworks, improving landscape fertility, benefiting people, plants & animals…
- Making & applying your own Biodynamic Preparations
- Creating biodiversity with Syntropic Agroforestry
- Rehydrating the landscape with Natural Sequence Farming

Juli shares how to find the principles of health for being human, these are the same as for the landscape, doing less (letting go of control), needing less (less inputs), improving flow (hydration), and embracing every part of your physical self (diversity). 

Camp sites & amenities are available for attendees.
Arrive late Friday to set up camp
Meals provided, Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.
AirBnB available, please follow links.

Main House

Meditation Hut

Shane's Shack

EVENT LOCATION: 252 Mudlo Road
Kilkivan, QLD 4600, Australia View Larger Map
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