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“My Family Recipes”

“My Family Recipes”


The Eighth Day Community Centre, 4 Miller St, West Melbourne, VIC 3003, Australia


Saturday 9 November 2019 at 2pm - 6pm

About “My Family Recipes”

In this “My Family Recipes” cooking workshop you will learn how to make some of the traditional foods of Somalia, Egypt and Lebanon, using unique family recipes.

You can’t find food this authentic in the restaurants!

You will learn from local community members, who are teaching from oral and family traditions. The workshop includes take home recipes, advice on where to source traditional ingredients, practical hands-on experience, and a shared feast.

Our featured cooks are:

Sadia will be teaching a dish unique to only certain parts of Somalia called Kalamud. This is best described as a Somalian minestrone, and is served with a spicy coconut ‘relish’ called Shino Kubmo.

Jackie will be teaching her mother’s recipes for Koshari, a popular Egyptian street food, and two traditional Lebanese dishes Kebeh – cracked wheat with lamb, and Warak Enab – vine leaves with a meat or rice filling.

Join us for a soulful afternoon of stories, cooking and feasting together, and support this wonderful employment pathways program.

(Connected Cultures-Empowered Communities (CC-EC) is a Pre-accredited training program that developed through a co-design process with the local communities of North Melbourne and surrounds.

It is an employment pathways program that places value on traditional knowledge and skills in cooking, arts and crafts.

CC-EC is aimed at engaging culturally diverse community members who experience multiple barriers to employment and education opportunities.)

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EVENT LOCATION: The Eighth Day Community Centre, 4 Miller St
West Melbourne, VIC 3003, Australia
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