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The NT Writers Festival returns to the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens in Mparntwe/Alice Springs for four days of inspiring talks, performances, readings, storied walks and immersive experiences celebrating language, culture and community.

The theme for the 2021 Festival is anpernirrentye | everything is connected. This draws from the Arrernte concept of anpernirrentye, the Arrernte relationship system, which describes the way in which everything is connected to everything else – people, animals, land, language and culture. Last year, our interconnectedness with the larger web of life was illuminated like never before, as we reckoned with firestorms, floods and a global pandemic, and felt the fragility of the systems we depend upon.

Join a brilliant line-up of NT and interstate writers as we bring our minds to anpernirrentye and the connections between all things.

NT Writers' Festival 2020

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