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The Wild One and the King

The Wild One and the King


Norwood Hotel, 97 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067, Australia


Saturday 13 July 2024
8:00pm - 11:45pm

About The Wild One and the King

Journey through  the era of rock 'n' roll royalty with an electrifying tribute show at Norwood Live. On stage, the legendary Elvis Presley comes to life through the incredible talents of Joe Ozzimo, while Chrissy Collins embodies the spirit of the iconic Suzi Q. Together, they ignite the stage with their dynamic performances, backed by a powerhouse 8-piece band complete with a live brass section.

The combined years of professionalism and outstanding music talents of our live band featuring

Lead guitarist -Tony Pettas

Drums – Craig Rodda

Bass Guitar - Eric Wood

Keyboards - Paul Harrison 

Trumpet - Brock Niemann

Saxophone - Carol Anderson

Talented Backing Vocals -Vinnie Vozzo and April Berry

This isn't just any tribute show—it's a full-blown extravaganza that transports audiences to the golden age of music. From the moment the first chord is struck, the energy is palpable, and the excitement in the air is infectious. With a repertoire of fabulous songs from the past and present , every note is a nod to the timeless classics that have stood the test of time.

Joe Ozzimo's portrayal of Elvis Presley is nothing short of mesmerizing. Joe channels the King of Rock 'n' Roll with authenticity and flair. From hip-shaking anthems to soulful ballads, Joe captures the essence of Elvis, delivering each song with passion and precision.

Meanwhile, Chrissy Collins channels the high energy and spirit of Suzi Q, capturing the essence of the era with her powerhouse vocals and magnetic stage presence.

Together Joe and Chrissy create a dynamic duo that pays homage to two of music's most iconic figures.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Accompanied by a band of incredibly talented musicians, including a live brass section, every performance is a masterclass in musical excellence. From the soulful strains of brass to the rhythmic pulses of each individual instrument this  adds depth and richness to the sound and together with our amazing powerhouse backing vocals this elevates the show to new heights.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan of Elvis Presley, or a lover of classic Suzi Q rock or simply looking for a night of entertainment that will leave you dancing , don't miss this unforgettable tribute show at Norwood Live. It's a celebration of music, nostalgia, and the enduring legacy of two music legends.

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No external food or drink to be brought into the venue.

Public parking is available in Norwood Hotel car park and around Norwood Parade.

EVENT LOCATION: Norwood Hotel, 97 The Parade
Norwood, SA 5067, Australia View Larger Map
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