Ticketebo Event Leads Manager - App Support

Event Leads Manager - App Support

Thank you for visiting our App support page. We understand you are probably looking for immediate assistance when visiting this page.

Please see below important information on where you can access support when using the App, and also details of our telephone support service, which is available 7 days a week to assist our Event Organisers and their customers who are utilising the Event Leads Manager App at events.

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App Support - Exhibitors:

Ticketebo Door Scan Manager App on iTunes

- Please download and log into the App using the log in and password details supplied by the Event Organiser whose event you are exhibiting at.

- If you are having problems logging into your account please contact the Event Organiser directly. If you are not able to contact the event organiser, please call Ticketebo Customer Support (7 Days) on 1800 381 939.

- If you would like to speak to someone to assist you with optimally utilising the App at events; or need assistance to troubleshoot any issue you may be experiencing when using the app at an event - please call our Customer Support team on 1800 381 939. Customer Support is available 7 Days a week.


App Support - Event Organisers:

- For all Event Leads Manager App related queries, please contact your Ticketebo Account Manager or call Client Services on 1800 381 939 (available 7 Days).


From all of the team here at Ticketebo we hope the event you are attending is very successful for you and your business, and that you thoroughly enjoy using our App to track your patron leads during the event.