Openpay Instalment Payments for Event Ticketing


Here at Ticketebo, we are very excited to be the first ticketing company in Australia to offer our Event Organisers the ability to allow your patrons the choice of paying for their tickets on interest free instalments via Openpay.

What is OpenPay?
Openpay is an alternative payment method for patrons, different from the traditional option of paying for their tickets online using their Mastercard or Visa card. Openpay enables your patron to buy (and receive their ticket/s to your event) now and pay later on interest free instalments.

How does the repayment plan work for patrons purchasing with Openpay?
The plan we offer is where your patron pays a deposit of 20% at purchase, and then pays 4 subsequent repayments each fortnight. These repayment are automatically debited from their preferred bank card.
Please note Openpay is only available for purchases from $60 to $5500.

How much does it cost?
Organiser: The cost of offering Openpay for tickets to your event is 5.5% inc. Of course you only pay this fee for those customers who chose to pay using Openpay. This fee is in addition to our normal Ticketebo booking fee. The Openpay fee is clearly displayed in your detailed sales report, and the Openpay fee will be deducted from your final event payout. [Please note: the terms of business of Openpay forbid the on-charging of the Openpay fee to the patron.]

Patron: As long as your patron makes their repayments in line with the instalment plan it costs them nothing! There are no set up fees and they also pay no interest for their purchase.

When do I receive payment for tickets purchased using Openpay?
There is no change to our normal event payout timeline or payout procedures if you choose to allow Openpay payments for your event.

Is Openpay secure and safe?
Yes, Openpay is a Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Provider. This means that all sensitive information is encrypted and they maintain stringent physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.

Can I choose which event/s I'd like to offer Openpay to?
Yes, you have the ability to nominate which event/s you would like Openpay to be available for. However you do not have the ability to nominate which ticket types at that event you do or do not allow Openpay to be available for.
Please note Openpay is only available for purchases from $60 to $5500.

Can I choose when to offer Openpay for my event?
Yes, we can turn on Openpay for your event and we can also turn it off for you. Just let us know if you when you would like to activate/deactivate Openpay as a payment method for your event and we can manage this for you.

For more information about Openpay and adding this payment option to your event, please feel free get in touch with us on 1800 381 939 or via our Contact Us page