Emerging event trends all Event Managers should know about in 2018

By Ruth Cole

These top three trends will not only influence the way you run and manage events, but will give you new ideas on how to to entertain, engaged and keep guests safe and in 2018 and beyond.

Event Security - use technology to take it to the next level

Event security should never be an afterthought, but it’s not uncommon for many event managers to find themselves rolling out the same tried and tested security plan year after year. But things have changed. The widespread use of technology at events can present you with the opportunity to add an extra level of security to your next event.

crowds event trends

Consider using a crowd tracker such as CrowdVision, an automated crowd analytics solution which enables you to monitor things such as pedestrian flow rates and processing times, as well as providing you with an innovative queue management solution.

As an event manager you should also be concerned around the emerging trends around data security, and making sure that you have the right digital security measures in place to protect the data provided by attendees is key to this. Do your event risk assessments even consider data security? And once the event has finished, do you have a data management plan to ensure it’s stored securely?  

Not ready for a full blown security and data management solution? Take some steps in the right direction and consider switching to an online event ticketing solution for your next event. Not only do they ensure that payments are collected and processed securely, but also that your customer and attendee data is stored properly.


Get a birds eye view with event drones

Giving your attendees a birds eye view of the event gives them the opportunity to see things from a whole new and totally unique angle. Drone footage also makes for some high quality video content that would be great for your next marketing campaign.

event trends drones  

But don’t just stop there. Consider how else you could use drones to mix things up at your next event and deliver the unexpected. How about using a drone as a way to creatively deliver something to the stage, for creating unique LED light shows, or at larger events they can even used to provide additional or wi-fi streaming.


We’ve already mentioned that it may be time to review your event security plan, so why not consider using a drone as a ‘flying security camera’? Getting an aerial view of what’s going on gives your security team the ability to spot any possible security violations or disturbances in busy areas, detecting unrest before it becomes fully blown problem.


Not ready to invest in your own drone for your next event? Take advantage of this emerging trend and see if there is a ‘drones for hire’ company in your local area.


The rise of the unconference

Ever heard of an ‘unconference’? No, neither had we until we learnt about this emerging and interesting event trend in Germany.

 event trends

An unconference is a fully interactive conference with core topics, panels, discussions and workshops. The only thing missing is a set agenda and pre-specified speakers, both of which are brought together spontaneously at the event. These events are the perfect place for peer-to-peer learning, creative discussion and collaboration. Learn more about these unique events here. Want to give one a go, keep your eye out as they are becoming more commonplace in Australia such as GCUC, the Co-Working Unconference in Melbourne or the Edge of Leadership Un-conference in Canberra.


Use apps to automate your event

event trends apps

We use apps all day, everyday, but when was the last time you looked to see what new event apps could help you streamline your event?

Apps like Ticketebo’s brand new Event Lead Manager app have been designed to automate the sales process for event exhibitors. Not only does this app allow your exhibitors to quickly scan a patron’s event entry ticket and instantly receive the patron’s contact details but it also allows the exhibitor to rate each lead who visit them from hot to cold; and record their sales notes about each lead (which only they can see). And once the dust has settled at your event, they can use the Export Leads function in the app to have all their leads and notes gathered during the event emailed instantly to them.


Get personalised with your marketing

With the rapidly evolving and increasingly noisy online environment, staying at the forefront of customers is top of mind for event marketers. The ability to personalise event messaging for individual customers is a key marketing trend for 2018, so make a start by making sure that every email you send is as personalised as it can be.

Segment your customer and attendee lists by location or level of engagement (is this their first time at the event or are they regulars). Other tips to get started with marketing personalisation also include creating persona driven event content and responding personally to customers on social media.


With 2018 well underway it’s time to start thinking about how you can put these trends into practice at your next event to increase attendee engagement, raise event awareness and ultimately sell more event tickets online.


Planning an event in 2018? Speak to the Ticketebo team to find out how we can help with your online ticketing needs.

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