Ticketebo Product Releases & Updates | Autumn 2019

By Rebecca Gardner

The team have been super busy this quarter with 2 exciting new products launched to market, plus over 20 product & feature upgrades released!

If you have a new feature or upgrade you'd like to see, please drop us a line on clientservices@ticketebo.com.au and let us know what you'd like us to release next!  

New Product Releases:

Ticket Box Office app - now live!

Ticketebo Ticket Box Office app

If you sell tickets at the door, then our new Android Ticket Box Office app is your perfect on site ticketing solution!  Complete your ticket sale in just a few clicks (card or cash), and your patron receives their ticket & receipt via their smartphone, allowing you to scan them into your event as normal using Ticketebo's Door Scan Manager App.

By using our new Android Ticket Box Office App, all ticket sales will now be recorded centrally.  In terms of pricing: if using our merchant facilities then our booking fee remains at our low 3.85% (with a min of $1), or we charge just 2.2% (Inc) fee for transactions where you use your merchant facility or take cash at the door.

For more information about using our Ticket Box Office solution at your next event, get in touch with us today on 1800 381 939.


Interest Free instalments with OpenPay

We are excited to be the first ticketing company in Australia to offer your patrons the option of buying their tickets on interest free instalments via Openpay. This is a great way for your patrons to secure their tickets now, and pay later!  The additional cost of offering Openpay for tickets to your event is just 5.5% (Inc), and you only pay this fee for those customers who choose to pay using Openpay. For more info on our new instalments option, please click here, or to add OpenPay instalments as an extra payment option for your event, just give us a call on 1800 381 939, and we can activate this for you right away. Please note Openpay is only available for purchases from $75 to $1000.

Additional Feature Releases & Upgrades:

Enhanced Ticket Sales Reporting

We rolled out some great enhancements for our sales reporting for organisers craving deeper ticket sales insights:

a. Summary of Sales by Day - if you want to see how many tickets and $ sold day by day (eg to help answer questions like: "Did we see sales lift after that ad in the paper?"),  then our new Summary tab (now activated on all standard sales reports) is just for you. It even gives you a days out countdown, so you can compare this year's sales versus last year's by day.

b. Location of patrons by Suburb and Postcode - we have always given you the postcode of your customers but now we can add suburb details into your reporting too. Just ask and we can activate this on your sales reports!

c. Attendance Report (New) - want to follow up those who came to your event, or even those who didn't show? Then our new Attendance report will give you the answers you seek!

d. Gate Reporting - keen to know which of your entry points are your busiest?  Then our Gate Report is what you are looking for. Just let us know and we can activate this on your account for your event.

Custom Question Upgrades

We have worked some magic here for you...

a. No more codes! Gone are the mysterious codes which we needed to translate into Answers for you! What the patron selects is what you now see in your sales reports!

b. We have also rolled out Repetitive Questions which means for example if a person buys 5 tickets, then the page can auto-magically ask them to tell us each of the 5 attendee names, or any other question that you need asked for every attendee.

c. Custom Questions linked to Coupon Codes: when a specific coupon code is used we can now enable a custom question to pop up when that code is entered. Eg if you're running a Coupon Code promotion for RACV members, where they receive discounted tickets, then when that coupon code is used the system automatically asks them for the RACV membership number!

3rd Party Ad Tracking & Analytics

With advanced analytics & online advertising techniques now so widely used by Event Organisers, we are pleased to support a wide range of tracking tools. With support for Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, and other mainstream Spotlight tags - you will now find it easier than ever to gain insights about your existing patrons; source new ones; understand how much your ads cost per ticket sold or even execute re-marketing ad campaigns (eg serve ads at customers who didn't quite finish their ticket purchase the 1st time!).  For more ideas about popular digital advertising campaign ideas employed by Event Marketers today, this article is a good read, or feel free to get in touch with your Ticketebo Account Manager.

Lighter, faster tickets

To help beat the pesky Junk Mail Gremlin, we have rolled out a new version of our pdf tickets. These are now a fraction of the file size, which means they are quicker to send, receive & open! No more tickets lost to the junk mail troll!

Ticketing Page Upgrades

Here are some nifty upgrades we have rolled out to our ticketing pages...

a. Automated End Dates (Events & Tickets) with Custom Messaging - Fully automated end dates are now possible for events as well as any ticket type. Just let us know the messaging you want displayed as the end date kicks in, and this will appear on the event page or next to the ticket type (or we can have the ticket type vanish if you'd rather!)

b. Automated Start Dates (Events & tickets) with Custom Messaging - everything we can do for end dates we can also do for start dates!

c. Hide In-Active Ticket Types - you may prefer to hide inactive ticket types (not yet on sale or now expired). Let us know if you want them to disappear and we can pre-set the page to auto-hide the ticket types which are inactive!

Tax Invoices for Organisers

As you may know, if you are registered for GST as your ticketing agent we can set our Receipts issued to be your official GST Tax Invoice for your patron's purchase. We've also now separated the receipt/invoice pdf from the tickets file so your patrons can easily send onto the relevant receipt to their bean counter department!

Door Scan Manager App Upgrades (Android)

With our latest Android app release, Android users can now enjoy some extra features and functionality... (Note to iOS users: we haven't forgotten you, these upgrades are in production now, for release pre July)

a. De-Activated tickets - for any cancelled tickets, you can now see them greyed-out in the app, which of course also won't allow them to be scanned.

b. Duplicate (reused) tickets - want to know if you accidentally scanned a ticket at the door or if the patron is trying to get 2 people in on 1 ticket? To help you decide, the initial scan time is now displayed when you scan a duplicate ticket.

c. Issue a current Sales Report - from inside the app you can now email your full detailed sales report on demand. Just go to the Reporting tab and hit Send Sales Report button and it will be on your email in a flash!

If you have a new feature or upgrade you'd like to see our tech team develop next, then do get in touch with us on 1800 381 939 or email on clientservices@ticketebo.com.au

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